Ribeira, Galicia

Ribeira, Galicia

As part of a diversity gathering promoted by Asociación AMBAR and other local social organizations, a Before I Die wall was installed on a busy street in the center of Ribeira in Galicia, an autonomous region in Spain. Early in the morning, the panels were mounted on the dilapidated facade of an old tavern, temporarily repurposing it for something different. Passersby began to take the chalk to respond to this invitation to open their thoughts to the world. By the afternoon, it was fully covered.

The activity around the wall generated a lively atmosphere as people of all ages came to look, take photographs, and express their surprise and sympathy while they contemplated the responses that others had shared. “We believe that placing the Before I Die wall in the context of promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality has been a beautiful opportunity for people to have a free and meaningful space to express themselves,” said J. Antonio Nóvoa, who organized the event with Asociación AMBAR. “The prompt on the wall invited passersby to participate in an ephemeral moment of emotional expression. Magnificent.”

July 2017

Built by J. Antonio Nóvoa and Asociación AMBAR

Photographs by J. Antonio Nóvoa

Selected Responses

I want to feel loved.

I want to see my land free.

I want to dance.

I want to be by your side.

I want to live without fear of death.

I want to become water.

I want to read all the books I own.

I want to have someone fall in love with me.