Córdoba, Argentina

Córdoba, Argentina | Photo by Jenny Carden

Near the center of Argentina lies Córdoba, the second largest city in the country. On a crisp day in May, Jenny Carden and her friends added a layer of chalkboard paint to a regularly graffitied wall and turned it into one of the most stunning walls. “In less than 26 hours of spraying the last stencil, there was not a bare inch of wall remaining,” she said. “It was one thing to see the Before I Die project on my computer screen and quite another to see it in action. I had no idea it would have such a powerful effect on such a wide range of people. People in South America live at a slower pace and almost everyone stopped to read the wall: old men with briefcases, couples on walks, kids running home from school. I think everyone loved that they were being invited to make their mark on the wall. They say the first thing you need to do to make your big desires come true in life is to write them down.”

Selected Responses

I want to compose a beautiful song.

I want to love and be loved.

I want to speak more than ten languages.

I want to learn to get on a stage.

I want to open my own restaurant.

I want to speak with my children one last time.

I want to forgive myself.