The Before I Die Journal

A streamlined notebook designed to help you accomplish what matters most.

Whether you’d like to complete that passion project, make a major life change, or focus on achieving a personal goal, this streamlined and flexible notebook will help you do something each day to achieve your dream.

After longing for a guided journal that was minimal and free of trendy jargon, Candy studied the tactics of people she admired and developed this simple notebook. It helped her achieve her latest dreams, and after making a few copies for friends who loved it too, she has made it available online so it might be helpful to you and your loved ones. The first section helps you to develop a plan and schedule for reaching your goal by figuring out the what, why, who, when, and how. The remaining dot-grid pages encourage you to articulate your daily goal, identify key tasks and challenges, and figure out the next steps, all while remaining flexible enough for whatever suits you best.

This simple little journal is a book of devotion that contains a framework for creating a new ritual in your life. Through the exercises inside, you can prepare for self-sabotage, take pride in your steady progress, reckon with unexpected challenges, and keep in mind the people from the past and present who can help you along the way. It is a commitment to working for one hundred days on something important to you. Finish the sentence on the cover and carve the groove for a daily practice that will defend you from the inevitable bouts of distraction and doubt by keeping you focused on what matters most.

  • 234 pages
  • Dot-grid journal with introduction by Candy Chang, preparation exercises, and daily prompts
  • 8×5″ matte paperback
  • Black ink on 55lb white paper