Originally created by the artist Candy Chang, Before I Die is a global art project that invites people to contemplate death and reflect on their lives. Learn more.


NCCC History Club co-sponsors Mindy Ayers and I saw this project on our History Club trip to New Orleans last year and the students and Mindy and I were moved by the project and what we read. I brought the idea back to our NCCC Executive Committee who also loved the project, and low and behold, the NCCC “Before I Die” wall was born.
nIt didn’t take long before students started reading and writing…

This wall belongs to the students, faculty, staff and visitors of Neosho County Community College. The wall is cleaned and erased regularly, truly a metaphor for life. Each day you begin with a blank slate and it is yours to do with as you will. Remember that and document your dreams here.

Thanks you for sharing with us!

I want to help my mom beat cancer.

I want to see my children be happy.

I want to live without fear.

I want to just be me.

Built by Ben Smith, VPO, Neosho County Community College

November 2014